CorporateHey organizing a lunch or a dinner with your staff. Patcan can prepare just about anything you want to make your party. Patcan professional team helps take some of the work involved off of your plate if you have an event. Patcan super chef will work with you to customize a menu to suit the needs and by using the highest quality of ingredients create good food that your guests will rave about.

Kid's Birthday

Kid's BirthdayPatcan team can do everything for your birthday party. As long as there is food involved there is room for Patcan. Indulge your special notorious guests with delicious offerings from Patcan. Let Patcan be your party organizer, your guests will never forget. Contact Patcan today for quote.

Fund Raisers

Fund RaisersGot a great cause? Patcan will help you raise some money for it. If you wish to support nonprofit programs like school bands, team uniforms, even causes like cancer research with Patcan you can organize your program in an exciting and enjoyable way. and make it a success. With the delicious food and good times, Patcan makes sure your fundraiser starts with FUN.

Scheduled locations/ runs

Scheduled Location/ RunsMissed your breakfast? Never Miss a Food Truck. Patcan chefs are here to help you out with delicious food... The team offers fun, fresh food in an approachable street style.